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Two men and a movie make for a good trilogy. Now give those two men three movies and you have a Trilogy in Theory.

Dec 13, 2018

New release BOY ERASED inspires a conversation on coming out in cinema, but more importantly how to record podcasts with pets. This very sensitive subject is handled with grace as your host Mike tells guest Dave Giannini of THE GRAND GESTURE that he'll just include his cat in the episode. Much like the beloved WAR MACHINE vs. WAR HORSE mascot, Brody Boy. I suppose at this point in the show notes I should stop talking about pets and mention that the two older films are great. Mike Mills' BEGINNERS and Dee Rees' PARIAH make this show worth doing (along with the sex and drugs) as they take two decidedly different looks at age groups coming out to their families. And then your host ruins it by mentioning Vince Vaughn's wack-off scene in the remake of PSYCHO as a "gentle push." Enjoy!

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