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A movie podcast where a new(ish) release inspires a conversation on two older films with a similar theme but different approaches.

Nov 22, 2018

For our Thanksgiving episode we open up the family for ALL of The Funky Bunch with a triple feature of Mark Wahlberg flicks. The first is new release INSTANT FAMILY which inspires a conversation on adopted families in Mark Mark joints. TRAVELLER features Mr. Wahlberg forcing his way into a family of gypsy con men with the great Bill Paxton as his mentor/adopted father figure, while in FOUR BROTHERS the man who would be Dirk Diggler is avenging the death of his adoptive mother. Along the way we lament the Celtics and wonder why Dwight Yoakam isn't ALWAYS playing the father figure role since he was so good at it in SLING BLADE. You will be thankful once this episode is over! Happy holiday wishes at all the links below:

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