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Two men and a movie make for a good trilogy. Now give those two men three movies and you have a Trilogy in Theory.

Nov 19, 2020

The ever cantankerous persona of Ron Swanson is only somewhat to be found in the Nick Offerman starring HEARTS BEAT LOUD... sooooo we try our best to fill that void.

But this film is so darn likable.

Forgive us for this corny episode and then promptly go to hell for agreeing that it's corny. Like rate and review! This...

Nov 12, 2020

Who knew that a mostly ignored Will Ferrell dramedy from 2010 would unite your two favorite podcast hosts even further in their bromance?

Not the filmmakers of EVERYTHING MUST GO but I'm sure they will take this as praise.

In fact they would probably gladly accept a podcast (even this one) a decade later trying to share...

Nov 5, 2020

Listen with great intrigue as two middle-aged men try to understand the whims of teenage girls but do not despair... for these characters come from a comic book! And thus your hosts have a SLIM chance of understanding the motivations of Enid and Rebecca in GHOST WORLD.

We are old and we are tired... but we haven't...

Oct 28, 2020

For Halloween we play dress up by dressing down comic book film adaptations.

Wait. That sounds insulting.

Maybe even sexual.

None of that! Just two dorks talking about their own strangely paternal trilogy of comic books on the silver screen.

Nothing remotely sexual about this. Just insulting. TO YOUR EARS.

Support what...

Oct 21, 2020

In an episode on SIN CITY these two movie podcasters feel free to commit all the sins at their disposal:

  • Disparaging the director by choosing THE ONE scene directed by someone else as the best (love you, QT)
  • Choosing Josh Hartnett as their favorite character because he's the least Chatty Cathy of all these monologue...