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A movie podcast where a new(ish) release inspires a conversation on two older films with a similar theme but different approaches.

Oct 17, 2014

On this episode, like the new release DRACULA UNTOLD, we attempt to find new blood in a story that has been bled dry. This character's story has been told before in cinema, going back so far as 1931 when Bela Lugosi put on the cape, up to 1992 when Gary Oldman put on MANY different costumes in the Coppola version of Dracula. All three films attempt to do different things with the character, they don't all succeed, but all three do feature a more attractive looking vampiric lead than NOSFERATU. In true War Machine vs. War Horse fashion, that may be setting the bar very low.

GUEST: Congo Rilla of the podcast Soiled Restroom Cinema joins us to discuss the appropriate apology a vampiric werewolf should give his lady when he is caught in the act with another woman.