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Two men and a movie make for a good trilogy. Now give those two men three movies and you have a Trilogy in Theory.

Jul 23, 2019

Having been looked upon for years as the movie podcast of record for this art form known as cinema we've taken it upon ourselves to celebrate 1001 films covered on this show (don't ask why two extra were covered on a premise based around a triple feature but I remember one of the extras was MONEY MONSTER, obviously you fools) by looking at the paper of record on film. In the recent (we said we were the record, not punctual) Steven Spielberg picture THE POST we find Meryl Streep challenged to maintain her family's legacy under pressure from everyone else and Tom Hanks. Spoiler alert: Hanks has more sway than EVERYONE ELSE. This inspires a conversation on the changing power of the daily newspaper as seen as far back in 1931's THE FRONT PAGE and unfortunately the every bit as dated 1994 movie THE PAPER.

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