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A movie podcast where a new(ish) release inspires a conversation on two older films with a similar theme but different approaches.

Jul 1, 2020

Because a podcast trailer is the first in a series of errors we promise to make as we present to you TRILOGY IN THEORY.

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Apr 5, 2020

In a time when separation from your friends and family is encouraged we chose a theme of sisters separated and the consequences that come along with this decision. So maybe our theme isn't encouraging the social distancing necessary but we do have a new favorite in INVISIBLE LIFE followed with some kinkier material in...

Sep 2, 2019

On this episode we present next door neighbors to Quentin Tarantino's latest divisive film (that opened to glowing reviews and box-office success... but real divisive!) ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD with an officially sanctioned classic IN A LONELY PLACE and one Oscar contender miss in HOLLYWOODLAND. Programming...

Sep 1, 2019

We invite CAPTAIN MARVEL superfan, but not a fanboy for that's an important distinction, Dave Giannini of A PODCAST DIRECTED BY to tell us just how wrong he is about this Brie Larson "buddy comedy." Along the way we go back to simpler times when Arnold Schwarzenegger could play an everyman in TOTAL RECALL and when Tim...

Aug 31, 2019

The thoughtful and generally kind response to the last in the Fox version of the X-Men saga DARK PHOENIX requires an equally thoughtful and kind dissection of redheads generally being crazy and scary as seen in such films as THE LITTLE MERMAID and PRETTY WOMAN. Are the themes of these transforming gingers enough to...